Conference Harmonie : ID Management for aviation security and facilitation – ICAO’s Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium

Harmonie Technologie looks forward to seeing you Thursday 12 October in Athens for the ICAO’s Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium.
Expert in Cyber-Trust for Business the consulting company will provide a threat overview and food-for-thought around ID Management for Aviation Security and Facilitation.

The civil aviation’s dynamic poses substantial questions in terms of identity management. How can enough security be put in place to meet this high demand in capacity and speed at the airports? How to satisfy increasingly demanding customers, who want rapid aircraft onboarding while addressing security passenger expectations? How can the identity lifecycle management can serve future huge needs as trafic will exponentially be accelerated, even though the current security and facilitation chain is already challenging?
The solution lies in the capitalization on best practices, in the sharing of information and expertise about organizational and technical advancements, ICAO’ standards and recommended practices, and many others guidelines and regulations dealing Secure Identity Management, not to mention innovative new technologies, and the benefits they bring to Aviation Security and Facilitation. And what is more exciting about all this, is that we are only just seeing its earliest beginnings…

AVSEC (Aviation Security) and Facilitation Panel
Responding to the global driving forces and needs of Member States, ICAO’s AVSEC and TRIP programmes provide a framework for achieving the maximum benefits of traveller identification management to aviation security and facilitation.
In a global effort to make air travel more enjoyable and efficient, security and facilitation must continue to meet the highest of standards.
The panel will discuss today’s existing challenges in aviation security and facilitation as well as provide examples of related technical cooperation projects.
Moderator: Mr. Sylvain LEFOYER, Deputy Director, AVSEC and Facilitation- ICAO
Mr. Kyal BARTER, Programme Coordinator – CASP-AP-ICAO
Mr. Jean-François LAMANNA, Harmonie Technologie Expert
Mr. Paul FUJIMURA, Assistant Administrator – Transportation Security
Administration (TSA)
Ms. Asha MENON, Senior Technical Officer – Compliance and Facilitation
Directorate – World Customs Organization (WCO)

  • ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Programme
  • ​Day 2 – Thursday, 12 October 2017
  • 9:00 – 10:30

Focused on the theme of « Managing Change: Building a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Aviation Community », the Second Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium (GACS 2) offers a unique platform for aviation professionals to exchange their views and discuss challenges and opportunities related to their fields. It provides a forum for regulators, service providers, operators and other industry stakeholders to meet and exchange on their experiences and best practices in implementing technical cooperation projects.

The GACS 2, will be organized in close collaboration with the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and the Athens International Airport, to be held in Athens, Greece from 11 to 13 October 2017. The event provides an opportunity for participants to exchange important information and views on latest trends and innovations, as well as sharing of best practices to support a safe, secure, sustainable and efficient future for global air transport. Moreover, the event will offer a unique opportunity to obtain in-depth knowledge of ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Programme and how it can meet their needs.

The GACS 2 will bring together civil aviation and airport authorities, air navigation service providers, industry leaders and other international organizations. It will provide them with an opportunity to acquire further knowledge of ICAO’s Technical Cooperation and Assistance Programme and its solutions by supporting a safe, secure, sustainable and efficient future for the global civil aviation community.

Goal 1 – Managing Change: building a safe, secure, and sustainable aviation community.
Goal 2 – Determining unique solutions for capacity building through technical cooperation and assistance projects.
Goal 3 – Promote the role ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Programme in assisting States achieve their goals.
Goal 4 – Strengthen institutional and cross-industry relationships.

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